Physics class hottie gets fucked

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After two hours of watching Everything Butt videos in my dorm room, I called this cutie in my Physics class over to help me study for our exam, but the only thing I wanted to study was the inside of her butthole.

She showed up wearing a tight, little, white skirt and I could see her pink thong underneath. It took everything I had to keep from throwing her down on my couch and eating her ass as soon as she walked through the door. We hit the books and we hit the bottle, and it wasn’t too long before I was hitting her pussy.

“Let me put it in your ass.” I whispered in her ear. She said she never did anal before, so I told her I’d be gentle. First I spread her cheeks apart and licked her pretty asshole, and spit all over it so it was nice and wet. I slipped my cock in her ass slowly, and after a few soft strokes I was balls deep. She was a natural butt slut and begged me to fuck her ass harder. I happily obliged and dropped a big cum load deep in her butthole. It was the best study session ever.

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